Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What is Erin Reading? Week of June 23-June29

This week I'm reading:

For work:
Cicada Summer by Andrea Beaty - This book is on the "Illinois Reads List". Cicada Summer has been on my "Must Read" list for ages. I'm glad I finally picked it up! I really enjoyed it. The main character becomes mute after an accident. I have worked with mute children during my teaching career, and it was interesting to read about a child who decided she didn't want to talk.  I'm looking forward to talking this up to the 4th and 5th graders when we get back to school. 

Christoper Krovatin 
Gravediggers:  Mountain of Bones by  Christopher Krovatin - At the time of this post, I was about 50 pages into this. I had the chance to meet Christopher Krovatin at the Anderson's Author Breakfast. He is speaking about Gravediggers in the picture to the left. Scary books are not my favorite genre, however, Christopher Krovatin was such an interesting person to listen to,  I decided I needed to read his book. So far it is great! I'm really enjoying it. I have a feeling that the boys and girls will enjoy it as well. 

Finding Zasha by Randi Barrow - I really enjoyed Saving Zasha, so I decided to give this one a try! I'm about a chapter into it and I like it.

With my son:
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Yes, we are still reading this! :) This summer has been really busy for us with swim team and we haven't had a much time to read together as we do during the school year. 

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