Friday, December 19, 2014

December Highlights

December was pretty awesome as the LMC Director at JRT! All of my students participated in Hour of Code. Some classes signed up for an extra 30 or 60 minute session with me in addition to the activities I did with every class in the library. I co-taugh some lessons with a fourth grade class using PowToon to share what they learned while researching their state. I assisted a teacher beginning to use Google Forms to substitute her typical paper/pencil weekly reading tests. I helped with a weaving craft project  in a second grade class that was leaning about Christmas in Sweeden. I even survived administering a practice PARCC reading test on our new Chromebooks with 3rd/5th grade classes that activated their GAFE accounts. Alice B McGinty skyped with my 5th grade reading group. Jena Ball did two GHO's with a second grade class. I even did the reindeer pokey with my preschoolers!! Wow! Busy month! I know I did other things, but these were the highlights! No wonder I'm a little behind on my shelving! Can't wait to see what January brings ! 

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